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The Minni-Thins - Chorus of the Zombie Apocalypso

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The Minni-Thins - Chorus of the Zombie Apocalypso

Published 2011

Lost (last) single from Kentucky Indie-Rock band, The Minni-Thins.


In 2006, The Minni-Thins recorded their sophomore album, That Old Kentucky Blackgrass. It was never released. However, in October of 2007, The Minnis played a Halloween show in Cincinnati, OH, and released a CDR version of this single (culled from the Blackgrass sessions) to a handful of fans, each with its own original artwork.

The Minni-Thins are dead. Long live the Minni-Thins.

The Minni-Thins were:
- Jeremy Strickland: guitar, rhodes, vox
- Aaron Strickland: drums, back-up vox
- Damon Green: bass, back-up vox
- Chris Damele: keys, back-up vox
- Darin Strachan: lead guitar, back-up vox
- Melissa Bingle: back-up vox

The Chorus of the Zombie Apocalypso also features:
- Matt Parmenter
- Dale Johnson
- Allison Rigger

All tracks recorded/produced by Matt Parmenter.

Thank you to all of our fans for keeping our music alive. This is for you.


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